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white spruce easter gall #402334

Asked May 25, 2017, 10:47 AM EDT

I just purchased 6ft Tall white spruces. It was not until I planted them that I realized there were some old brown Galls on them. Now that the new shoots have come out I am seeing new ones forming. I clipped all of the ones that I saw off of the tree. I understand it is probably too late to spray plus they are new trees just planted and I do not want to stress the tree out. Can you tell me the correct insecticide to spray on these white spruces in the fall.? From what I read spraying them in the fall will help prevent more Galls in the spring. I tried to call the nursery that I purchase them at and they will not reply as to what I should do. Very disappointing. I hope you can help me as these are beautiful trees. There are five of them period all but one has the Galls. They are not completely infested by any means. The new galls are textbook pineapple shape that look like new shoots

Wayne County Pennsylvania

Expert Response

A publication on Eastern Spruce Gall:

Here is an answer from another MG on this issue:
Spruce gall adelgids and midges
• Several types of galls/ insects found
on spruce twigs. Usually just an
aesthetic problem; usually just a few
galls per tree.
• Current or older twigs are curled and
• Current needles may still be green
but, on older galled shoots, needles are
dead and red.
• Adelgids cause swollen galls that
include the needle bases.
• Midges cause galls on the twig that
do not include the needle bases.
• Management: Apply imidacloprid as
a systemic in the fall; or, apply
dormant oil in late fall; or, spray
foliage with labeled insecticide.
• Remove young (green) galls by
pruning. Bag up or destroy galls
because insects will mature and
emerge from clipped shoots.
Eastern spruce gall adelgid
Spruce gall midge
-dennis mn Master Gardener

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Thanks, G.

Gregory Martin Replied May 26, 2017, 9:37 AM EDT

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