Question about weed "Wild Violet", how to get rid of them. #398479 - Ask Extension


Question about weed "Wild Violet", how to get rid of them. #398479

Asked May 08, 2017, 11:29 AM EDT

Hi, I met few of the staffs from University of Maryland at local library, they gave me your email to ask my question directly. My lawn is infested with "Wild Violet", none of the weed killers I bought from the local store seems to be working. Do you know if there is chemical or treatment to get rid of "wild violet" weeds? Attach you will see the picture of the weed. Thanks in advance.

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

Wild violet is hard to control because it is resistant to most common lawn herbicides. You need to look at your lawn care practices and the conditions that favor its growth.  See our website for more information and control

If your lawn has over 50% weeds then you may need to consider lawn renovation in the fall.

In general, wild violets are native, and they do have wildlife value. In particular, they are the larval food source for fritillary butterflies. You will have to decide if you want to live with them. 


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