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Asked May 02, 2017, 12:55 PM EDT

Hello There, I'm hoping for a solution to my invasive Japanese Blood Grass problem. Unable to pull the grass without breaking it off, I previously tried digging up the pale roots, but couldn't completely eradicate this grass.
Which weedkiller would work best in my 3 foot by 5 foot swath? And, should I leave the area clear of other plants for a couple of seasons and repeat the weedkiller? Will this method hurt surrounding plants?

Larimer County Colorado

Expert Response


It appears as though this is in a landscape bed? If so, you can try using an herbicide called fluzifop (sold as Ortho Grass B Gone) or sethoxydim (sold as Over the Top). Both of these are selective grass killers that can be used in landscape beds. They will not affect broadleaf plants, like the lavender or lamb's ear. But if you have other desirable ornamental grasses, they can cause them damage.

I would wait until the bloodgrass is actively growing and then spray the product, on a calm day when the temperature is expected to be over 70 degrees. You may have to repeat spraying twice...or even three times. 

The other option would be to use glyphosate (Roundup) which is a non-selective herbicide and can cause damage to your other plants if it comes in contact. You can wipe the glyphosate on the leaves of the bloodgrass or spray it using cardboard to protect desirable plants. This will likely take two (possibly three) applications.

Use all herbicides according to the label and and read the label prior to application. 

After the grass is dead, it would be safe to remove it and replant. But make sure ALL the grass has been killed, or it will likely re-grow.
Alison O'Connor, PhD Replied May 03, 2017, 2:59 PM EDT

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