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Star of Bethlehem invasion #389555

Asked March 21, 2017, 12:34 PM EDT

I bought a house with a terrible infestation of Star of Bethelehem in a flower bed. I have tried digging them up, but I am afraid I just made it worse. Now I am thinking that I can have an impact by simply not allowing the flowers to bloom. I spend time in the mornings pulling all the flowers and blooms off. Is that going to help at all in the long run? What else can I do? Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

It's hard to believe that this bulb is still sometimes sold as an ornamental!  Sorry to hear you are fighting this weed.  Yes, when you pull off blooms you are absolutely helping to control it, because you are stopping the flowers from going to seed and spreading further.  

Digging is a good method of removal, but time consuming.  Damp soil makes it easier and great care must be taken to get every bulb and bulblet in a clump.  Often easiest to take a big scoop of soil to ensure this. 

The herbicide "Speed Zone" works fairly well on these.  Step on the foliage and bruise it before spraying. This helps the herbicide absorb into the leaves better.



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