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Is there hope for this evergreen? #389380

Asked March 20, 2017, 12:06 PM EDT

Last fall this pine started to brown. Please see the picture. The trees surrounding it do not have this. Should I destroy this 15 year old tree or might it recover? Could it be a fire blight? I didn't think that affected evergreens.

Waseca County Minnesota

Expert Response

Thank you for the question.  It's always risky to make a diagnosis of tree problems based on photographs and the best way to know for sure what's going on with the tree and to decide whether it can be saved or not is to call a certified arborist who can view it up close in the context of its surroundings.  Here's how to find such a professional:

The tree looks like a spruce or possibly a fir, not a pine, and from the photos, it doesn't look good in general.  It's hard to tell in the winter what caused trouble last fall.  Certain blights are possible but fire blight is a disease of apple trees.  Removing it and replacing it with a healthy tree may be the best step.  I'm sorry I can't definitively help but perhaps you could check these on-line tools for more help.

Thank you for contacting Extension.
Anita Hoaglund Replied March 21, 2017, 6:32 PM EDT

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