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lawn damage from moles #389045

Asked March 17, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

Our lawn is being destroyed by what we think are moles. There are tunnels and uplifted mounds of dirt. Over the past three years, we've used a service that sprays to fertilize and control for weeds and insects. This has not deterred the moles and I'm wondering if it has even encouraged them. Do you have any suggestions?

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

How does your lawn look during the growing season?
At this time of year as our lawns are dormant, it is easier to notice many issues that are not necessarily noticeable nor alarming during the growing season- even some holes or hills made by things like earthworms.
That said, there are various wildlife that can tunnel or dig, usually searching for food, including skunks, moles and voles.
Here is our page which covers these problems and the best ways to deal with them:

Basically, you can tamp down the raised areas to help the grass roots to continue growing and not dry out.

As you'll read above, voles can be numerous, and damaging to plant material, while moles are much fewer (only a few per acre) and considered beneficial, as they devour soil invertebrates like worms and grubs.
When we've had a lot of precipitation, their food source go higher in the soil profile and the tunnels become more noticeable.
This publication on Nuisance Wildlife has more information for you:


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