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Seasonal Water - Testing Available? #388746 - Ask Extension


Seasonal Water - Testing Available? #388746

Asked March 14, 2017, 7:08 PM EDT

Hello. I am considering buying a home in Lane county, just outside Eugene. There is a seasonal creek or ditch with water flowing through it at the moment. I notice a bunch of algae in the water. I want to raise duck on pasture and am concerned about what is in the water, and may impact my business. What services are available to test water flowing through property like this? I am mostly concerned with pesticides, pathogens, and other non-desirable things in the water that could hurt my ducks. This will impact the purchase of this home so your answer is needed asap. Thank you for your help!!!

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

Water testing such as this is only done by private laboratories. In the Eugene area there are two Delta Environmental and Analytical Labs. In both cases you have to pick up sampling bottles at their local offices, take the sample, and then return the sample within a certain time frame. In general the presence of algae does not indicate the presence of pesticides and other quality issues that would cause an issue with ducks. Raising ducks on a larger scale you would need to consider your rotational methods to ensure that the duck manure was being used by the grass and not allowed to run off into the seasonal creek.
Chrissy Lucas Replied March 15, 2017, 1:24 PM EDT

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