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Asked March 06, 2017, 1:09 PM EST

I am planning on setting up several trellis structures to grow pole beans this year. I have seen different opinions on whether to orient the trellises in a North/South orientation or an East/West orientation. I can do either in my garden. The wind primarily blows our of the north-west in my location and the garden gets full sun until 1-2 hours before sunset. Any recommendations on spacing between the trellises would be helpful too. My trellises will be approximately 6 ft tall. I have attached an example picture of the trellises that I am going to install.

Franklin County Pennsylvania

Expert Response

The best way to lay out your garden is so that each plant gets full benefit of a southern exposure. With vining crops, it includes pruning to keep them thinned out so the air can blow through. It's important to always keep the foliage as dry as possible to prevent fungal infections. Prune leaves that will touch the soil. Mulch the soil to prevent splashing it on the plant during a storm.
Here is a link to a layout plan that includes beans. Here is a link to Cornell University growing guide by vegetable.
An Ask Extension Expert Replied March 08, 2017, 8:22 AM EST

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