Help! My Money Tree / Pachira aquatica is in dire straits #385994

Asked February 21, 2017, 2:07 PM EST

My money tree / pachira aquatica is struggling. The leaves have all fallen off. I repotted it with some peat  moss, and a few new micro leaves have popped up, but the leaves are still wilting. I'm so worried about it, I don't know what to do! Please help! 

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

Expert Response

Plants can go through a dormant period in the winter.  However, light patterns are changing now.  Also, if you have moved the plant,  this can cause it to drop its leaves. The plant looks like it is trying to put out new growth. You will have to focus on proper care.
The money tree is a tropical plant and does not tolerate drafts.  Generally good light, light fertilizer in spring/summer, and careful watering are key. The soil should not stay wet for long periods. They do not need a large pot but they do like humidity. A tray filled with pebbles and some water will provide that. The pebbles will keep your plant away from the water. 
Repotting should only be done when all the roots have filled the pot . A container that is too large can hold a large amount of soil that holds excessive moisture and may cause root rots. Make sure the container has holes for drainage. 
Look at the attached link for more information

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