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What kind of spider is this? #385525 - Ask Extension


What kind of spider is this? #385525

Asked February 17, 2017, 11:03 PM EST

Just wondering what kind of spider this is. 

Cabell County West Virginia

Expert Response

Dear Client,

Your spider is most likely Steatoda grossa, often called the false black widow. It does resemble a black widow in shape but lacks that red hour glass on the underside of the abdomen. I can not tell what the size of this spider is, but I am guessing that it is not big enough to bite a human (puncture the skin). If it did, the bite would get your attention but it is not toxic like a black widow. Nevertheless, I would take precautions not to handle any big spider (>0.25 inches) to reduce any risk. Spiders outside the home are beneficial arthropods that will feed on other spiders and insects. Spider inside a home are almost always not appreciated, considered a nuisance, and can be captured in a jar and escorted back outdoors.  FMI, follow this link:

Thank you for your interest!

Michael Bush Replied February 24, 2017, 8:33 PM EST

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