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Dying Rosemary plant #380736 - Ask Extension


Dying Rosemary plant #380736

Asked December 30, 2016, 10:50 AM EST

I recently purchased a rosemary plant and tried to provide appropriate care for it...unfortunately I didn't recognize the fact it did not have proper drainage. It immediately started turning brown and scraggly and started dropping its leaves. I suspect root rot, so I bought a new pot, some new soil and pulled the poor plant out of its old pot. The whole root system is bound up and no amount of tapping gets soil away from it. I took a box cutter and scored the roots and removed the wet, dark brown/black roots from the bottom, but the root system was still clinging to what little soil it had. I planted it in a pot that is 10% larger than its original container and put some miracle grow moisture control soil on it. What else if anything can I do to bring this poor plant back?

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

As a plant native to the dry Mediterranean area, Rosemary can be a challenging plant to keep happy potted indoors.

Though we wouldn't use the "moisture control" soil, which can keep plants too wet, it sounds as if you have done all you can at this point, and you'll need to just wait and see.
If it doesn't make it, new, small replacements are easy to find in the spring.


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