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Meyer lemon tree care #377657 - Ask Extension


Meyer lemon tree care #377657

Asked November 19, 2016, 2:07 PM EST

GOAL = DONT DIE. I will start off by saying I can kill...well I don't do well with house plants. But I purchased a Meyer lemon (from Walmart on a lark). It did great this summer outside (of course). Fall...I brought it inside just before barely first freeze. At first all the leaves started falling off in rapid pace. Then I purchased a grow light and falling leaves stopped. BUT now leaves are starting to dry up on tips...the smaller leaves in most direct grow light path. Now what. Soil is moist but not over watered (cuz Ive killed lots of plants that way). Do I need to spritz leaves? (way DRY drafty old house) and reduce grow light time (currently 16 hrs)? Any advice welcome cuz the only thing I grow well are dandelions in my yard (which I've learned to love lol). I just don't want to kill this thing. Just want it to live til next summer when I can put it back outside.

Dakota County Minnesota

Expert Response

The information I am directing you to was provided by Monrovia, the nurseries that actually grows these trees for distribution to garden centers. I do believe that your light is too close to your plant and you are burning the leaves. You also have the light on too long.10-12 hours would be more than enough. Check the moisture level by sticking your finger in the soil, if it is still wet on the tip of your finger, do not water. Your container should have drainage holes and be raised some from the tray so the roots are not sitting in water. It is normal for the leaves to drop when a plant is brought inside as the growing conditions are changed. You can mist it occasionally. Also, check to make sure your tree is not sitting in a draft. That will chill this tropical plant. Good luck.
Barbara Harlan Replied November 19, 2016, 5:10 PM EST

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