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Poultry Litter Stockpile Runoff #377049 - Ask Extension


Poultry Litter Stockpile Runoff #377049

Asked November 14, 2016, 3:53 PM EST

I am looking for data on typical nutrient concentrations in runoff from rainfall that falls on uncovered poultry litter stockpiles.  The material is stored on a concrete surface and any runoff from the area needs to be contained and treated.  One method of treatment may be through the use of a vegetated treatment area but nutrient loading rates are needed to design a system that can treat the runoff from the storage area.

Stearns County Minnesota

Expert Response

this link has some research done on stockpile runoff on the Delmarva, runoff on properly design piles is fairly minimal as crusting over typically occurs and the piles shed water well.

Richard Goforth Replied November 22, 2016, 12:04 PM EST

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