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Spotted cucumber beetle infestation on perennial flowers #374486

Asked November 02, 2016, 3:37 PM EDT

Your Pest information page on spotted cucumber beetles, under Prevention/Control, says "Spray with pyrethrum, neem, or spinosad products." But it doesn't say when. I just want to make sure these sprays are for adult beetles. i have a bad problem late in the season (now) with these beetles on nippon daisies and Sheffield mums. They eat the petals and ruin the flowers. They are so numerous that hand picking is useless. I really need something that will kill them. The picture attached is not from my garden but it was submitted this week by another member to a DC-area garden list serve that I belong to.  It shows a spotted cuke beetle on a nippon daisy (the center bottom flower.)  There are a lot of wasps on the blooms too, but I don't think they are destroying the flowers.  The beetles are the culprit.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Expert Response

There are no easy answers for controlling the cucumber beetles. The wasps on the flowers are important pollinators and are causing no harm. Anything you spray will affect the pollinators. All you can do is spray before the flower buds open. Follow label directions. mh

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