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Bay tree winter hardy? #372362

Asked October 24, 2016, 8:05 AM EDT

I live in Baltimore City, midtown, warmer here than Mt. Washington or Towson. I have a 5-year bay tree in a pot; about 2 ft tall with new growth from its summer outside. I have received conflicting answers re leaving it outside for the winter; have not so far, usually bring it inside. So my question to you is: can I leave my Bay tree outside for the winter? And, is there anything I should do to winterize it (mulch, cover, e.g.?). Thank you,  Baltimore City

Baltimore City County Maryland

Expert Response

The bay laurel is not hardy here and will have to be moved indoors before a frost (now). Inspect your plants for any insect problems.  You can spray with a growing rate of horticultural oil on the upper and lower leaves to prevent insect problems. Follow label directions.  See the attached link for overwintering indoors.


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