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Butterfly caterpillar #367587

Asked October 03, 2016, 5:24 PM EDT

Hello dear expert. This e-mail came from a fiend of mine and I am not sure what is proper response. Will you help? Thank you, Paul K. This is Marge from Cross Country Garden Club. Can you refer me to a master gardener who knows about butterflies? I want to find out what to do with my caterpillars on the parsley. I've never had them this late in the season and want to know if I can put them in the shed or garage to hibernate. I'm afraid the parsley is going to die with the first frost and I'll lose the caterpillars. Thanks. 

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

Swallowtails overwinter in the pupal stage. Let the caterpillars continue their lifecycle and let nature take its course. 

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