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Recommend habitat and shade tree for Calvert County #363127

Asked September 16, 2016, 11:56 AM EDT

I would like to plant a shade tree that will serve as habitat for birds but also thrive in Calvert County. A bonus would be spring and fall color. The Downy Serviceberry and Krauter Vesuvius Plum are attractive to me on paper, but i would love to have your opinion. Soil type: Clay Exposure: Southern Sunlight: 6+ hours of middy and afternoon sun Environment: Townhome community (small yards, proximity to cars and roof gutters) Could you please recommend a species and any special cultivation considerations? Many thanks, Wendy

Calvert County Maryland

Expert Response

We would go with the serviceberry over the plum.  Plums tend to have more disease problems.  Serviceberries are a great choice for birds.   Our recommendation would be to go to your local garden center and see what they have that looks good that they recommend for your situation.  You could then google that plant to see what the horticulture sites say about that tree.  If you are undecided you could send us the plant name including the cultivar name and we will tell you what we think about it.  vw

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