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Poisonous Plants for Horses #358474

Asked August 31, 2016, 6:47 PM EDT

At the Spirit of St. Louis Therapeutic Riding Center we have a need to identify poisonous plants in our pastures. We would like to move mini horses to a small section, and since of our minis paints, he is priceless, so an ounce of prevention is.....well you get the idea. Can we pay for someone to help us?

Smith County Texas

Expert Response

There are a number of resources available for you.  One such resource is a book titled Toxic Plants of Texas Extension number B-6105.  This book could be ordered online at the following website:  http://www.agrilifebookstore.org/ .

Some plants are toxic at various stages of growth, under various conditions like drought, etc.   We can assist with identifying weeds on your pasture.  Several ways of identifying these would be good close up photos of the plants especially with seed heads, flowers, leaves, etc.  Actual samples brought into our office is helpful as well.  We can also schedule a visit to examine the weeds present as time allows for both of our schedules.  As far as paying for this, there is no fee for us to identify these for you.  If you wanted to pay someone, there could be commercial applicators or others in the area that charge for control and they may work out something with you.  On hard to identify weeds, we have specialists across Texas that can assist as well.

The best defense against a stand of weeds is a good, dense stand of grass.  
Chad Gulley Replied September 02, 2016, 10:48 AM EDT

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