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Best way to control striped cucumber beetles? #355543

Asked August 22, 2016, 2:21 PM EDT

Dear Sir/Madam,
After losing all of my cucumber and squash plants to bacterial wilt (transmitted by striped cucumber bettles) this year, I would like to know: What is the best way to control striped cucumber beetles? Whereas I would prefer not to use noxious pesticides, I am currently open to hearing all control strategies and then making an informed decision. For example, can a pesticide be applied at a time when the plant is not fruiting, to decrease the exposure of pesticide in the cucumber and squash fruit? Do natural soap-based pest deterrents work on these beetles? If so, what is the recipe for a soap-based pest deterrent that you would recommend?  Thank you in advance.

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

Please see our pest profile on the cucumber beetle for monitoring, prevention and control options.
You may be able to correct or prevent problems with simple techniques as mentioned above like lightly tilling soil in the fall, planting late, planting County Fair , a cultivar that has resistance to bacterial wilt, etc.
If needed, A pesticide can be applied when the plant is not fruiting and can be applied once you notice signs and symptoms. Soap products are not effective. 

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