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Rodents and plants #350887 - Ask Extension


Rodents and plants #350887

Asked August 07, 2016, 1:07 PM EDT

I'm lusting after some groundcover from the highcountry gardens website. I live in anthem c.c. and have occasionally seen rats or had mice in the pool.

I'd like to plant some groundcover (woolly speedwell and creeping thyme specifically because they're rabbit resistant according to the website. BUT.............will this encourage rats or mice? I just remember the rat problems from decades ago when everyone was planting that ice plant stuff! I've obviously had rodent visitors but don't want them to think this is a free hostel.

Clark County Nevada

Expert Response

In most cases rats will like a deep, dense cover like the ice plant or ivys. A woolly thyme or the speadwell will stay close to the ground and will not offer much cover to hide from predators.
You may have problems with mice, but they would be more of a food source issue. If you do not feed the birds and have excess seed or grain generally the mice are not attracted to the plants. Voles are a different subject as they eat on plants roots. I have attached a few different information sheets on rodents that should help you understand the environments they prefer.

Wendy Hanson Mazet Replied August 09, 2016, 1:36 PM EDT

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