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Honey testing #346340

Asked July 25, 2016, 12:38 AM EDT

I keep a few beehives and expect to harvest some honey, probably in September. There are quite a few yellow tansy plants around and I am not sure if it's ragwort tansy or common tansy and from what I reed about it could make honey toxic. Is there a test available by OSU or anywhere else to check if my honey is toxic before I consume it. Thanks Will R.

Clark County Washington

Expert Response

Tansy Ragwort can produce toxins - I do not know if OSU can test or not - but you should first positively identify the plant see http://goo.gl/Ys7eVB or contact your local Extension Educator Douglas M. Stienbarger – County Director, WSU Clark County Extension  stiendm@wsu.edu-

the level of toxicity is dependent on the amount of tansy relative to other sources of nectar and pollen.
Timothy Lawrence Replied August 01, 2016, 2:10 PM EDT

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