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Again this summer we are ... #342608

Asked July 13, 2016, 4:25 PM EDT

Again this summer we are experiencing an influx of fruit flies or gnats here in Bowling Green. They are getting into our office and becoming annoying. I thought it was just us, but it seems like many buildings in this area (East Poe Road) are experiencing the same problem. What is the cause and is there a solution. Had an issue last year, but not in any previous year. Thanks. Dave

Wood County Ohio

Expert Response

Hi Dave,

My initial response would be fungus gnats, fruit or vinegar flies, or drain flies. Fungus gnats thrive in damp highly organic soils like those found in house plants and outdoors in mulch. Fruit flies and vinegar flies thrive on overly ripe fruit, and rotten trash stuck on bottom of waste trash cans. Finally drain flies thrive in drains and thrive in the gunk caught in drains,

However I do not think you are dealing with these types of small flies or gnats.  When you mentioned several buildings in the area have same issue, it tends to rule out the above due to the hot dry conditions we are experiencing this summer.

The gnat you’re dealing with is most likely the Boxwood  Psyllid  Cacopsylla busi (Linnaeus).

Check out this web site from Maryland:

The adult is making its presence now in Northern Ohio.  The Boxwood Shrub   Buxus spp. Is a common landscape plant installed around the foundations of buildings   The adult is gaining entry via open doors and loose fitting window screens. 

Hope this helps! Craig

Craig Everett Replied July 21, 2016, 10:48 AM EDT

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