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Best practices for fall vegetable growing #341223

Asked July 09, 2016, 7:27 PM EDT

We had a fantastic crop of lettuces this year, and our neighbor was even harvesting as recently as July 7, but they are bolting (no surprise). I would like to plant more lettuce, beets, and spinach for a fall harvest, but am uncertain of the following: 1) if I prefer to direct sow in my southern PG county garden, when should I do it, and 2) would it be better to start seeds indoors, in warm but not hot soil, and then transplant and, if so, when can the transplants go to the great outdoors?

Prince George's County Maryland

Expert Response

You could if you want start lettuce and spinach in your air conditioned house in flats and then move them outside.  You could grow lettuce, spinach, and beets outside but cover them with a shade cloth to keep them cooler.  Be sure to maintain adequate soil moisture.   Beets are more tolerant of heat and can be planted outside now.  vw

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