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Backyard Chicken Illness #324456

Asked May 23, 2016, 6:47 PM EDT

I have a backyard flock of chickens and several of my adult hens and one of my pullets seem to be suffering with some kind of illness. Symptoms mostly loose stool/diarrhea with the pullet showing signs of intestinal sloughing in her stool, and one adult developed a limp, which is improving. They have been showing signs for about a month. Treatment with Amprolium in drinking water and herbal treatments do not seem to be working.I'm not sure what I am dealing with and what to do next.

Benton County Oregon

Expert Response

Amprolium is not an antibiotic, it is a nutritional inhibitor that aims at coccidiosis, a protozoal disease, which is less common in adult birds. Loose droppings are common in chickens from time to time depending of feed.
What do you mean by "intestinal sloughing"?
Do the birds appear sick, ie. lethargic, not eating, etc.
Are they laying?
What are you feeding: prepared feeds, supplements (scraps, scratch, etc)
Any mortality?

For a proper diagnosis, take any sick or dead birds to the Vet Diagnostic Lab, Magruder Hall, 30th St, Corvallis  541-737-3261.

James Hermes Replied May 28, 2016, 2:10 PM EDT

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