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Asked May 16, 2016, 9:46 PM EDT

Hi there. I am trying to find the information I had seen previously about wind turbines for residential use and local installers. All the company pages I've tried through this database seem to be out of date and give errors. Can anyone direct me to any current information please? Thank you! Julie

Yamhill County Colorado

Expert Response

I will help get started yet may need for information from you to fully answer.  

Numerous small wind turbine manufacturers have gone out of business or sold to other companies in recent years.  This is mainly do to a couple of issues in the small wind marketplace.
1. Small wind turbine remain high priced due to there cost of manufacture. Solar PV has become mass produced and thus the price has declined.  The high cost of small wind turbines has slowed their installations compared to solar PV.
2. Numerous small wind manufacturers have made poor turbines which do not produce electricity to their advertised numbers and some breakdown early and often. This has led to the closing of these companies.
 a. There are still a number of good companies out there and it is important to work with a good company and a good installer.  

At this point I don't have a list of installers but if you do find them I do have a good set of questions to ask them. If they can answer all question satisfactorily they have a good chance of being a good installer.
The Link below has publication with the questions 

Additionally the  small wind industry has worked to improve the overall quality of turbines by creating a small wind testing system to test and prove the quality of their products. You can see the results of turbine tests at the link below 

F. John Hay Replied May 23, 2016, 3:36 PM EDT
Hello Julie
[I see John Hay managed to give you some good information about choosing an installer and turbine - I had found some more general info, and had a question for you, so keep reading below...]
Thank you for your question. It would help us if you would clarify which database you are referring to, as the questions that come in are not linked to the page you were looking at when you asked.
Perhaps it is this page? :Wind Energy for Homeowners, Farmers and Small Businesses as I do see that there are a number of broken links. We will try to find replacement links.

Overall, much of the really best information on wind comes from
I do not know of any site that has a list of installers across the US. You may be able to find some local information from Colorado's Energy Office or Colorado Wind Resources

Susan Hawkins Replied May 23, 2016, 4:07 PM EDT

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