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What is the most desired sweet corn varieties? #316713

Asked April 26, 2016, 9:43 PM EDT

I want to plant in organic soil of black dirt in NJ 50 acres of sweetcorn.  Can you tell me what seed type or varieties are most popular and easy to sell to wholesaler market? My soil conditions are near perfect for sweetcorn and my bugs are organically under control but the birds are sometimes and issue and my herds of deer.anyway I can produce up to 1400 dozen per acre but I want to know the seed to buy that will sell to a wholesale market in nj.

Warren County New Jersey

Expert Response

You can never go wrong with the Synergistic varieties.  There's a great article with a helpful table explaining some differences in the types of sweet corn varieties here:  http://extension.psu.edu/business/ag-alternatives/horticulture/vegetables/sweet-corn-production

My husband grows a little sweet corn for farmers markets - he swears by Mirai(r) variety:  http://www.twingardenfarms.com/why-is-mirai-corn-so-famous/ 

Good luck! 
Cheryl DeBerry Replied April 27, 2016, 11:33 AM EDT

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