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Invasive Bamboo/ Japanese Knotweed #310092

Asked March 30, 2016, 3:13 PM EDT

I bought a brand new home three years ago and I have a neighbour who has Japanese Knotweed on his property that has crossed our property lines and is sending up shoots in my lawn . I have been struggling since last two years to keep it under control but its just too much for me. The weed has encroached onto his next door neighbours property which is directly behind mine and so I have the rhizomes coming from all directions. What rights do I have. Can someone just let this obnoxious weed grow wildly and so negligently. Can we get him to construct some kind of a root barrier or something. I would appreciate some advice on my situation.

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

Japanese knotweed is not botanically a bamboo:  It's important to know which one you have because they require different control methods.

Both bamboo and Japanese knotweed are non-native invasive plants, however.  The state of Maryland does not currently have regulations controlling these, but work is currently being done to start.  We'd recommend that you contact your representative and make your feelings known on this subject so that appropriate regulations are put in place.  

 You have the right to control whatever is on your property, but you can't legally kill the plants on your neighbor's property. We hope you will contact your neighbor and educate them about the harm these plants do to property and the natural environment and parks. Click on Invasive on our homepage under Problems. 
 Here is a video about controlling Japanese knotweed:

And here is info on controlling bamboo (see page 2):


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