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pumpkins #309743

Asked March 28, 2016, 10:52 PM EDT

if starting a pumpkin patch in southeastern kansas {cowley county} and we are opening in aug and closing after Halloween, when should we plant our pumpkin seeds? also where can we buy that many pumpkin seeds?

Cowley County Kansas

Expert Response

Here are some things to think about.  If you are inviting people to your farm to pick pumpkins, you will need additional liability insurance, restrooms, and parking.  Opening in August would be a bit early.  Most people are not ready for pumpkins at that time.  Plus if they your pumpkins are ripe in August, they won't keep until Halloween.  Timing of planting the pumpkins really depends on what kind of pumpkins you choose to plant.  When you look at seed, it will give you days until maturity.  So you look at your calendar for when you want to have pumpkins ready and count backwards to get the planting date.  Some can be as many as 120 days and some 90 days.  The rule of thumb is planting in mid June up until July 1.  As far as seed sources, there are many commercial seed companies available that sell seeds in large quantities.  
Kate Kammler Replied March 29, 2016, 10:09 AM EDT

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