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frost problems with Goose berry's #304603

Asked March 03, 2016, 4:05 PM EST

Last year we had some late frost and my goose berry plant had low yield. Should I be concerned now that they are sprouting and the last day of frost here in Nampa Idaho is May 1st. It had been an unusually warm late winter here. Maybe 10 deg above freezing. The Daffodils are already blooming which seems a little early for this area. Jim

Ada County Idaho

Expert Response

Not much to be done if the growth starts early and a freeze comes. Not sure what the critical temperatures are for gooseberries, but for many other fruits the swollen buds can handle temperatures down below 20F. As the buds open, 23 is the damaging temp. as the flower buds separate 25 F, bloom 28F, green fruit 30F. These are the temperatures that cause some damage (10%). the lower temperature for the next earlier bud stage is usually the temperature for 90% death. So those are the temperatures you need to be aware of.
For a single bush you could cover with a couple of sheets the evening before a freeze is forecast. This will help hold some of the heat in.
Mark Longstroth Replied March 03, 2016, 9:43 PM EST

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