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Rose bushes with rotted area at bottom of plant #300661 - Ask Extension


Rose bushes with rotted area at bottom of plant #300661

Asked February 11, 2016, 4:16 PM EST

Hi, I'm moving into a new house with over eighty rose buses that have not been cared for in the past two years. While pruning this week, I discovered that most of the plants have rotten wood at the bottom and I can take a cane in hand, twist and it comes out at the mushy, brown all the way through with dead wood, base. No aphids, no rust spots. Root rot? Even though this is the part above ground? They're in mostly shade and wet areas so not a good placement but the previous owner had them for almost twenty years. Ideas? If no ideas then maybe you could tell me where in my area, McMinnville, I could find a master gardener in person and I can take photos or a bagged piece of wood. Thanks so much, TheoAnne

Yamhill County Oregon

Expert Response

You have both at the same time I'm a master gardener here in McMinnville OR our office is at 2050 Lafayette Ave McMinnville OR 97128 we are there off and on this time of year so please call a head. 503-434-7517. Photographs are good samples are better please include some of the roots with the piece you bring in.
I live close and I can come in most any time (I'm not the only one)

Randy Williamson Replied February 11, 2016, 8:34 PM EST

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