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I'm currently living with... #298765

Asked January 29, 2016, 5:00 PM EST

I'm currently living within a subdivision of a city in Montgomery County (Riverside), where agricultural use like keeping chickens or bees is prohibited. But I am planning to move in the next couple years to a more rural part of the county. I would like to be able to have chickens, bees, or perhaps house a 4h animal without running into restrictions. How would I best go about determining if a given property would allow this? I'm assuming I would be best to stick to unincorporated parts of a township, but still I'm struggling to determine for sure what I can do where. Particularly for property in the 2-5 acre range. The last thing I want is to find my piece of land out in the "country" and not be able to use it as such.

Montgomery County Ohio

Expert Response

First i would check with the Montgomery Planning Dept.  They could advise you about regulations throughout the county,  Once you determine the specific township that you want to relocate to, I would check with their zoning dept.  They could best advise you about the specific property that you are interested in purchasing and their local zoning regulations
David Civittolo Replied February 08, 2016, 7:18 AM EST

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