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Vegetable gro-lites versus shop lites #298629

Asked January 28, 2016, 7:11 PM EST

I have decided to start my own vegetables seeds this year from seeds. Focusing on tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I have several existing shop lights that can be raised and lowered. Will these lights provide the wavelengths these vegetables need to grow without becoming leggy? Gro-lights are an additional cost that i would like not to incur. But if the benefits are significantly higher will provide. Can one grow light in each shop light be adequate? Each shop light has two lights. I have heating mats already. The trays will be an area that is around 60 degrees. The trays will not be close to a continuous natural light source.

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

The 40 watt fluorescent bulb used  in shop lights is adequate to get  transplants started as long as the light is kept 2" above the plants. The t-8 fluorescent bulb will put out more light but does require the added cost of the fixture.. What does make sense is, is to use one gro-light and one standard 40 watt tube.


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