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Plant identification #296124

Asked January 09, 2016, 2:24 AM EST

Hi, A friend left is this pot with the plant in it. I'd love to know what it is to try and save it. Also how big it gets and conditions it's suited too. Thanks Larissa

Larimer County Outside United States

Expert Response

I believe this is a Euphorbia of some kind, possibly Euphorbia poissonii.
According to the information I found:

Description: An erect much-branched shrub 1,2 –> 2 m high, with candelabriform branching with one to several columns and topped with large green leaves during the growing season, occasionally sub-spiny,
Stems: Branches cylindrical, succulent, often indistinctly tessellate, 3-3,5 cm thick silvery-grey, stout.
Spines: Not spiny or sometimes with rudimentary, single spines, or with spines present only on young plants. So it would appear E. poissonii can be spineless or have one spine.
Leaves: Leafless or with 5-6 deciduous pale green leaves at the apex.
Flowers: Short peduncled yellow/green or greenish with red stamens.

Cultivation: Very slow growing and cold sensitive species can to grow in both pots and in the ground in areas with mild climate, but they can even be grown indoors. Sun Exposure: Light shade. They grow well in a very draining mineral potting substrate. During the summer, they enjoy average feeding and watering. When dormant, plants are relatively cold tolerant.

Propagation: Usually by seeds, it can also It be propagated by cuttings; if you remove an offset, remember to let it dry for a week or so, letting the wound heal (cutting planted to soon easily rot before they can grow roots). It is better to wash the cut to remove the latex.

Alice Slusher Replied January 11, 2016, 3:40 PM EST

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