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Sonoluminescence #292863

Asked December 07, 2015, 11:36 AM EST

It’s a phenomenon called sonoluminescence. Sonoluminescence is a physical occurrence by which sound turns into light. Scientists have been trying for 70 years to explain it, but have had no success. No one has managed to explain how a bubble of air in water can focus sound to cause light, but it happens.
This was the explanation on a post on FB. I cant understand that no one knows this- If it is someone that can answer me in a easy to understand way, will I be a very happy girl. I cant stop thinking about that the thing here is not explainable--- my question to the post was like this: Can it be that the light travels faster than the sound in the water. We do know it happens a bang when a jet breaks the speed of sound...... Is this about opposite, That it creates light instead? 

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Expert Response

Thanks for the question.  The short and simple answer is that research is still ongoing into this phenomenon.  One of the better articles I have found is from the UCLA Putterman Research Group and is titled "Sonoluminescence: Sound Into Light"
This article does not provide a direct answer to how sonoluminescence but does
address a working theory. 

A more complex research article is also available from S.J. Putterman and K.R. Weninger, UCLA Physics Department, titled  "Sonoluminescence:  How Bubbles Turn Into Sound"

Both of these sources should help you gain a little better understanding of Sonoluminescence.

Torey Earle Replied December 14, 2015, 5:07 PM EST
I say thank you for the answer. I appreciate your effort in giving me an understandable answer. Not that I am so much wiser yet but I hope to be when O have studied the articles. O have no background what so ever in science or research but my main subjects in school was math, physics and chemistry. And the fact that I decided to never stop learning, have put me in many reserve operations. Thank to the inventors of google serge and to you in Ask an expert. So again thank you for your answer and have a wonderful day. 

Regards Ann-Evy(Annie) from Norway :)
I attach a photo captured by my self as a token of my thankfulness.
The Question Asker Replied December 15, 2015, 1:54 PM EST

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