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We have been talking to w... #292726

Asked December 05, 2015, 7:16 PM EST

We have been talking to water conditioner salesmen and getting quite a few different stories and prices. We are on a well in northwest Fairfield County, hardness 25 and iron 3 with compensated hardness 37 and iron bacteria, total dissolved solids 407 and pH 7+. Can you give us some input? We are getting prices that vary by well over a thousand dollars. And we have heard stories of units failing after about five years.

Fairfield County Ohio

Expert Response

Hello and you have a great question. I appreciate you being an informed consumer and wise with your treatment investments to protect your family and water source. I'd like to refer you to a few university references that I searched and found that I believe would be helpful. Your local health department may also have some standards and input into the range of treatment options. Some water testing results relate to health standards and others relate to "creature comfort." Creature comfort is just how we enjoy, feel, and find comfort with water characteristics.

Here are some research based references:



Bruce Clevenger Replied December 11, 2015, 8:21 AM EST

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