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raspberry issues #291861 - Ask Extension


raspberry issues #291861

Asked November 27, 2015, 4:45 PM EST

I have had the same raspberry bed for years (like 25) they produce late July til feeezing always have plenty- every year during the winter I hack off the plants about 3' tall - that's it.  In spring, I clean up some of the mess and remove obviously dead branches....I got the original plants from an old time farmer's garden.  Most summers the plants are a good 5' tall.  Short friends and kids get lost. 
Last year I had extra time early Nov (before hard freezes) and whacked off the bed.  This summer no blooms and short, short stalks, nothing until mid October and then they started to develop - ugh?????  Way to late to mature -
Did I throw everything off by pruning at the wrong time for my patch??  I am dying to get out there and prune now, but I don;t want to kill it off and I need a raspberry crop for next summer.  (I make wine)

Taylor County Wisconsin

Expert Response

I doubt it was when you pruned, most likely a weather related problem even water (drought) related.  My suggestion; fertilize with 10-20-10 early spring, water on a regular consistent schedule using a soaker hose or drip tape (avoid overhead watering).  Consider using a trellis system for better harvesting, air circulation and disease control.

Best wishes on your patch

catherine wissner Replied December 01, 2015, 4:37 PM EST

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