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Wall base landscaping #290561

Asked November 16, 2015, 3:31 PM EST

I recently had hardscaping done around my front yard, and the excavation process exposed a lot of clay basedsoil. How can I amend the area around my new walls to eliminate the compacted clay soils, encourage growth in these areas and prevent water run off over the tamped down clay? Thank you for responding and any assistance you may provide.

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Having hardscaping put in can really compact your soil due to all the movement of foot and equipment traffic, even if there wasn't any excavation of the area.
Your best bet is to use a pitchfork or gardening fork to loosen the soil. Just drive it straight in and rock it to open up the soil bed.
You should then add a good amount of an organic amendment like aged manure, finished compost or Leaf Gro, which will help to keep it loose.


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