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what are the best plants for flower bed #288756 - Ask Extension


what are the best plants for flower bed #288756

Asked November 04, 2015, 12:48 PM EST

I would like to turn my backyard slope into a flower bed. What kind of plants, bushes I can grow best in this area. The slope 3 feet high and 15 feet long and the slope face north. It received plenty of sun light (at least 6 h/day.

New Castle County Delaware

Expert Response

If your slope faces north but gets more than 6 hours of sunlight and you don't want to mow it or spend a lot of time weeding it, shrubs may be your best option.  If deer are not a problem, you might want to consider rhododendrons and maybe mix in other evergreen shrubs, such as Osmanthus (false holly) and Andromeda (Pieris).  There are also many Viburnums, both evergreen and deciduous, to choose from.  Among the deciduous shrubs are many that feature colorful berries in the winter.  Winterberry holly comes in varieties of differing heights.  Fothergill (witch alder) provides flowers in the spring and brilliant color in the fall.  Visit a reputable nursery and ask what they recommend for your specific site.  Be aware that whatever you plant on a slope will probably require weekly watering (when it doesn't rain) until it is established, at least through the first summer.  Good luck with this new feature on your property!
Gretchen Cox Replied November 04, 2015, 7:32 PM EST

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