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Planting date Bobtail wheat #287662

Asked October 29, 2015, 2:27 AM EDT

I hear that Bobtail wheat shouldn't be planted past October 15? Do to bug and disease pressure I was thinking first part of november or later? Should I treat the seed at those dates or could I skip treatments.
 Could you direct or provide me with resources to manage growing wheat in the Willamette valley. Timing of, fertilizer and chemical treatment needs of wheat. The field I believe is low in PH (upper 5 range?) and has had municipal sludge treatments from Gresham. Soil test is forthcoming.
What requirments are needed to make wheat grow high seed count heads and tiller to grow more heads? Potassium?
 Thanks Phil Spiess 503-793-1138

Clackamas County Oregon

Expert Response

Hi Phil - Bobtail can be planted after October 15, however it is not recommended that it be planted after October. An insecticidal seed treatment is less prudent after Nov 1 due to cooler temperatures reducing aphid populations, which carry barley yellow dwarf virus. You may still want to consider a fungicidal seed treatment since wet conditions will persist throughout germination and early plant growth.

Here is a link to our OSU Nutrient Management Guide for Winter Wheat Grown in western Oregon:  The soil pH should be 5.4 or higher for fall planted winter wheat. Typically no fall fertilizer is needed. If you desire to apply anyways, I'd use 20-30 lbs of N and a small amount of S if your soil test P and K levels are adequate. If they are low, those nutrients will need to be added based on the recommendations in the guide.  Spring N is applied just prior to jointing (formation of the first node). 

Since you are planting after Nov 1, we recommend increasing your seeding rate to 33 seeds/sq foot to maximize yield (tillers and heads).

I hope this information if helpful. Please feel free to contact me by phone if you have additional questions.


Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson Replied November 02, 2015, 12:29 PM EST

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