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Latest time to plant seeds in a greenhouse? #285839

Asked October 20, 2015, 12:23 AM EDT

We are getting a late start in the garden, mostly preparing garden beds for next Springs planting, but we are also setting up a greenhouse. We have planted it already with some Kale starts, but wondering if it is too late or still possible to plant seeds of things like lettuce, and other greens for Winter. It's getting towards the end of October now, but it is a greenhouse sooo... really wanting some expert advice! Google has zero answers. Thank you!

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

Western Oregon tends to have mild winters which lets us grow lettuce and other greens essentially year round.  Especially if you have greenhouse, cold frame or other covered structures to help with season extension during any deep cold snaps.  Lettuce is a good crop to try for winter gardening.  There are some varieties that are tolerant of cooler temperatures that you might want to try.  A good source of basic information is the OSU Extension publication Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest.  It lists some planting dates for growing outside and is a starting point for getting information on recommended varieties to try.  Local garden seed companies usually have lists of varieties they recommend.   The planting dates list in the OSU Extension publication are for planting outside without a protective structure.  You can extend those dates by planting in your greenhouse.  Just make sure the structure is well-ventilated.  Even in the winter, bright sunny days can overheat your greenhouse.  Lettuce is probably the easiest to grow but also try other greens like kale, mizuna (a mustard green) or chard.
Are you familiar with the OSU Extension Lane County Master Gardeners?  They are also available to answer any gardening questions.  They also hold classes and demonstrations around the county that might be of interest to you.
Happy gardening and thanks for using Ask An Expert!
Brooke Edmunds Replied October 22, 2015, 2:48 PM EDT

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