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Toads #283312

Asked October 08, 2015, 8:53 AM EDT

Good Morning- I live on a hill in the Towson area (Hampton to be exact). We do not have any ponds on our property. there is a stream about 2 blocks away at the bottom of a hill. So far, we have found 5 toads on our property. We "relocate" the toads by the stream or in a wooded area. We are very concerned about the toads as we have dogs-and we do not want the two to meet! do you have any idea where these toads are coming from? We've never had this before. Are they "hopping" from the stream 2 blocks below? Each toad is different in size- so it is not the same toad returning. How can we discourage the toads from returning? We don't want to kill them.Thank you very much. Valerie Earwood

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

Although toads do not live in water like frogs do, they do need access to moisture or standing water to absorb water (they don't drink.)  Any backyard pond or even a saucer sunk into the ground that holds water, can be enough for a toad.
So, basically, there is no way for us to say where the toads are coming from. It could be anywhere in the neighborhood.  

They also need water to lay their eggs, so their tadpoles can live in the water.  This would not be in a fast moving stream of water, but still water.  Many places have temporary standing water in spring which serves as a home for tadpoles.  These are known as vernal ponds, but disappear in the summer (which is good--no mossquitoes!) 

Most dogs spit out a toad as soon as it is in their mouth because of their glands secretions. Thus they learn to leave toads alone.  The good news is that dogs can be trained to leave toads alone.

 Since toads are such good consumers of problem insects such as mosquitoes and flies, it's great that you are saving the toads.  As long as your yard does not provide a good toad habitat, they shouldn't stick around too long there and are merely passing through.

Here is our website's info on toads: 

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