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Help with fruit trees #283200

Asked October 07, 2015, 4:49 PM EDT

We bought some property over the summer and acquired several fruit trees and vines (apples/kiwi/plums/pluots, etc). I have no idea how to go about pruning and fertilizing them. Is there someone in the Washington County area that I can hire to come out and do this for me - at least for the first year?

Washington County Oregon

Expert Response

Pruning your fruit tress is best done in winter (Generally December-February). I've attached a document published by OSU that can clearly describes how to prune fruit trees (and why!) here:
Of course, it can be somewhat daunting to take on yourself if you are inexperienced, so we recommend calling a certified arborist to do the work for you if you are uncomfortable. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a specific company or individual. The Master Gardener Program does offer pruning workshops every winter, so keep an eye on our homepage for announcements about that ( or follow us on Facebook.
As for fertilizing, established fruit trees should not need any additional fertilizer, however, most fruit trees in the Pacific Northwest do require pest control measures to produce good fruit. I've included a short document on common pests along with a list of many sensible (and organic) options to keep your fruit free of insects.

Best wishes!

Hilary Hutler Replied October 13, 2015, 8:54 PM EDT

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