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Peonies #282997

Asked October 06, 2015, 7:05 PM EDT

For the last two years, I've cut down peony leaves the first week of October, before they have been killed by frost and turned yellow. I've also noticed I have had no (or this year 5 flowers), on 6- 10 year old mature plants. My question: Has the fall cutting down affected the flower production for the following year?

Manistee County Michigan

Expert Response

The late cutting is not effecting the amount of blooms lacking on your peony. There are a few other reasons that may be effecting the lack of blooms. In your region ,it may be possible that a late freeze in May killed the buds. If the plant is growing in the shade,this will also have an effect on the number of blooms.The attached link will provide other considerations effecting deminishing blooms.


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