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Wire grass #280271 - Ask Extension


Wire grass #280271

Asked September 23, 2015, 8:17 PM EDT

What is the best way to get rid of wire grass?

Wicomico County Maryland

Expert Response

Wire grass, also known as Bermudagrass, cannot be controlled well with a selective herbicide.

If you only have a strand here or there, you may be able to dig is up.  Be sure to get all the root.  

If you have patches, or it has invaded your entire lawn, the best herbicide to use is a systemic, which means it will travel down into the roots and kill them.  The extensive root system is what makes this grass so tough to control.  Glyphosate is the ingredient to look for.  It is also a total vegetation killer, so it will kill your regular turf and anything else it contacts.  After the area dies, reseed this fall, which is the best to seed anyway.  Here is good info on reseeding:

 If you live near water, you cannot use an ordinary herbicide containing glyphosate because other ingredients in the mix are destructive to aquatic life.  Find an herbicide with glyphosate that is formulated for use near water, such as Erasure or Rodeo.  


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