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hydrangea prune and move #279336

Asked September 19, 2015, 3:45 PM EDT

Hi, I have a couple of large hydrangeas that went wild this summer and are too large for their homes. Can I prune off the last flowering mop heads and dig up the roots carefully keeping soil around them and move to another part of the garden that has some shade? Do I need to do this later in the fall?

Clackamas County Oregon

Expert Response

When is the perfect time to move Hydrangea and prune them?

It's a good time to move your Hydrangea now before the Fall frosts begin.

However, when it comes to pruning it really depends on what kind of Hydrangea you have.

When you prune Hydrangea depends whether it blooms on old wood (last seasons wood) or new wood.

Hydrangeas that bloom on new wood may be pruned in Spring before growth begins. There are 4 main species. 

  • Big-leaf hydrangeas, Hydrangea macrophyla: - large traditional mophead types - prune them after flowering.
  • Oakleaf hydrangeas, Hydrangea quercifolia: - they have Oak shaped leaves and should not be pruned until after flowering.
  • Panicle hydrangeas, Hydrangea paniculata: They have pointed mass of flowers- prune these in early spring.
  • Hydrangea arborescens: - prune in early spring.
Google each one if you don't know what they look like.

Thanks for your interesting question.

Gillian Carson Replied September 22, 2015, 10:43 PM EDT

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