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Can you identify these two weeds? #278958

Asked September 17, 2015, 5:44 PM EDT

Attached are pictures of two weeds in my yard. The grassy one I see in my side yard every year, numerous ones. I pull them before they get to be about three inches across, but maybe they've already gone to seed. The sort of heart-shaped leafed seedlings are new this year and have shown up in several places in my yard - all in beds, not the grass. The brown leaves in the picture are shadbush leaves.

Harford County Maryland

Expert Response

The first photo is kyllinga. To verify this, look at images in Google Images. This weedy grass likes areas that stay damp for long periods that, in turn, are too damp for turfgrass, The turf thins and allows the kyllinga in. Making the site drier combats the killinga. Yes, it can be controlled by simply pulling it before it can set seed. This probably is the easiest solution in most circumstances.

Few herbicides are effective and you may not be able to find them. Here is information from the University of Tennessee: Nutsedge and Kyllinga Species 

The second photo: We are not able to identify these seedlings.  You may want to can allow one or two of these to grow for a season and send us photos of the more mature plant. 


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