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skanks and cherry trees #277939

Asked September 13, 2015, 11:11 PM EDT

1. your recent newsletter article on skanks prompts me to ask this: i moved this yr and noticed in summer that under the deck were a series of rows of holes in the ground, perhaps 1/4" diameter, with both the rows and the holes quite equidistant, much like sapsuckers circling a tree trunk. since there are many skanks around, might that be their way egg nests? 2. after the heavy rain throughout the spring, i was shocked when my cherry tree, and many others in the neighborhood, began losing leaves in early summer and now are either totally or at least 95% denuded. I thought early leaf loss was a sign of drought instead of the excess rain we had this spring. what's up?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Expert Response

We are not sure what you are dealing with. This does not sound like the holes were made by skinks.  The holes  may be made by water dripping through the deck openings and making holes in the soil.  If you do not think this is possible, you have the option of taking photos and attaching them to this reply.

Cherry trees - Ornamental cherries can be susceptible to a fungal disease called cherry leaf spot. This has been common this season due to the abundant moisture we received. The fungus overwinters on fallen leaves, and good control can be achieved by raking and removing all cherry leaves from the planting area. No chemical control is recommended.                                                                      mh

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