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Restoring the riverfront on our land/home on the Blanco (Fischer Store Rd) from the flood. #276622 - Ask Extension


Restoring the riverfront on our land/home on the Blanco (Fischer Store Rd) from the flood. #276622

Asked September 08, 2015, 2:57 PM EDT

We have a home we are restoring from the flood on the Blanco.  We just now cleared the debris/trees into burn piles.  We pretty much lost all vegetation/trees and I wanted to find help in what we could do to help restore our beautiful riverfront.  Can you recommend any trees/bushes/grass that we could plant to restore the beauty?  

Hays County Texas

Expert Response


I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. My parents live just East of Blanco on 165 and had their bridge blown out. There are a lot of plants that you could use for this application. One consideration is whether you want to native plants only or be open to using a combination of natives and adapted non-natives. Below is a short list of plants that I would recommend (along with their origin). I would also encourage you to check out our plant database, which will allow you to make choices for yourselves and learn more about these plants:

To get started, you can either click on your region of Texas ('F') or enter your zip code. You can then narrow your search with parameters like 'growth habit' and ' sun exposure'. Your search will yield a list of plants that meet your criteria and will appear in order of their 'Earth-Kind Index', which is a rating (1-10) based on the plant's tolerance to heat, drought, pest/disease, and preference for soil and fertility. I would recommend that you stick with plants that have a rating of 8 or higher. Each plant has its own page with pictures, botanical information, and everything you'll need to grow it. I'd also encourage you to check out the rest of our site:


You might also find this resource on riparian restoration helpful (note: not all plants suggested are adapted, as publication is for entire state):


Osage Orange / Maclura pomifera

Bald cypress / Taxodium distichum (native; make sure you use a local source)

Montezuma cypress / Taxodium mucronatum

Cedar elm / Ulmus crassifolia

Texas chaste tree / Vitex agnus-castus (introduced)

Bur Oak / Quercus macrocarpa

Live oak / Quercus virginiana

Eve’s necklace / Sophora affinis

Texas mountain laurel / Sophora secundiflora (higher ground)

Texas redbud / Cercis Canadensis var. texensis

Mexican Plum / Prunus Mexicana

Pecan / Carya illinoinensis

American sycamore / Platanus occidentalis

Black walnut / Juglans nigra



Texas persimmon / Diospyros texana (locally everywhere, but makes a nice “living sculpture” trunk

Desert willow / Chilopsis linearis (higher ground)

Pomegranate / Punica granatum (introduced)

Mexican buckeye / Ungnadia speciosa (higher ground)

Coral berry / Symphoricarpos orbuiculatus (shade)





Little bluestem

Big bluestem

Eastern gamagrass

Side-oats gramma

Texas Wintergrass

I hope this helps!

Tim Hartmann Replied September 16, 2015, 5:28 PM EDT

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