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Japanese Maple summer leaf loss #276187

Asked September 07, 2015, 1:23 AM EDT

Tree has lost some of it's leaves end of July and August . The leaves turned red brown and dropped, over lets say 30 percent of the tree. The tree normally does not lose it's leaves until November and finishing well into December. What might the issues be? It does not have standing water at the roots and does not get hit by trimmers or mower at the base. The tree is not shaded by any larger trees. The tree does split into multiple large branches a few feet up and does collect rain water in the crotch and will remain there until the quart or so has evaporated. The bark seems to be in good condition(no visible rot). Thanks in advance C.B.

Yamhill County Maryland

Expert Response

We have had 1 1/2 months of drought.  Trees are very stressed and many are showing early fall leaf drop.  We'd recommend that you give your tree a deep soaking with a soaker hose or by moving around a hose on a slow stream.  Be sure your tree does not go into winter with dry soil.


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