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invasive bamboo #274779

Asked September 01, 2015, 11:32 AM EDT

Several years ago I planted clumping and non-clumping bamboo on some property I own in Dallesport. The clumping seems self controlled but the non clumping has become truly an invasive nuisance. I would like to completely get rid of the nuisance bamboo. All of my friends tell me I cannot. Help. Thank you, Mrs Young

Wasco County Oregon

Expert Response

My best suggestion would be to contact the OSU Master Gardeners at Wasco County Extension in The Dalles OR 541-296-5494 or Klickitat County in Goldendale, or the Weed Master or local chemical companies in these communities? 
Cindy Brown Replied September 02, 2015, 7:24 PM EDT

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